February 2012 archive

Feb 28

Brewing Tricks: Swirl Your Bottles

It’s competition brewing season so I have gotten back into bottling beers instead of just kegging them. I also just made 10 gallons of single-decocted Bavarian Hefeweizen and put about half of it in flip top bottles to be a bit more traditional according to Stan Hieronymous’ Brewing With Wheat. One issue that always annoyed …

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Feb 14

Blichmann QuickConnector Stainless Steel Fittings

Blichmann QuickConnector

Over the years I’ve had a fleeting love affair with the idea of switching my homebrew setup to use all tri-clover fittings.  The theory is that doing so would ensure that there was not place for beer spoiling organisms to take hold on the cold side and ruin my beer.  Each time I dove in …

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Feb 13

Moving to Amazon EC2

Amazon Web Services

As some of you who follow happenings in the tech world know, GoDaddy has been doing some less than great things these days.  A CEO who hunts elephants, advertising that demeans women, and a customer service team that is entirely driven to sell more has pushed me over the edge.  I’m moving over to a …

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