May 12

In Defense of An Analysis of Brewing Techniques

So after using An Analysis of Brewing Techniques to help answer a question that one of my homebrew club members had about fining, I decided to check Amazon to see what kind of reviews the book has received. To my shock I found a pair of low ratings from a decade ago that seem totally out of place. How could such a great book that’s cited numerous times in other homebrew texts and the BJCP study materials have a 2 1/2 star rating?

I’ve posted a review here: An Analysis of Brewing Techniques Review. If you don’t have this book see if you can track down a copy. If you do have this book I encourage you to post a review on Amazon to balance out the ones from so long ago. I’d love to see Brewer’s Publications revive this book for a new edition if possible.

Oh yeah, and sorry for not posting for a while ;). It’s been a busy year. Though just recently I had my Ordinary Bitter and K├Âlsch place in the first round of the NHC so they’ll be moving on to the big show. Both were recipes from Brewing Classic Styles: 80 Winning Recipes Anyone Can Brew with tweaks to match my process and with built water.

Happy brewing!


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