Jul 27

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New Brew Sculpture

All the major construction on my new brew sculpture is complete. It’s based on the MoreBeer 1550 except it’s equipped for 5 gallon batches with Blichmann Boilermaker kettles. Also, since I was going for a smaller size I skipped the complexity of the tippy dump mash tun.

Here are a few pictures:

Sketchup Model

New Sculpture
My New Sculpture. Three 10 gallon Blichmann Boilermakers, a 1×2 metal frame, plumbed propane, levelers, and hose rack

Covered Sculpture
A Smoker BBQ Cover Fits Nicely

I still have a few things to complete this week:

  • Attaching the March pump (it’s currently in my ammo box setup but I’ve got a nice stainless mounting bracket)
  • Putting together the silicone hoses with quick disconnects
  • Installing the third burner (just waiting on it to arrive from George)
  • Upgrading the regulator (it’s currently a fixed pressure regulator that’s way under what I need. I’ve ordered an adjustable 0-30 PSI one.)
  • Mounting the Ranco temp controller

The overall height is just perfect as I planned it so I can easily see into the mash tun.

Some time in the future I plan to upgrade the following:

  • Add a control panel to hold my temp controllers and perhaps a float switch
  • Add automatic ignition for the burners
  • Upgrade to an ASCO valve on the HLT so I can control the burner with a temp controller

I did all the construction myself. Total cost without the pump and kettles was roughly $300 for all materials and consumables. Of course that assumes you’ve got access to a MIG welder and chopsaw, the skills or willingness to learn, and roughly 12 hours.

I’ve got a cutlist and a Sketchup file of the sculpture. Contact me if you’d like copies. Updated: I’ve made a follow up post with these docs: http://www.slobrewer.com/2008/07/29/brew-sculpture-details/


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  1. Brian

    Just wondering what the general dimensions where?

  2. Dave

    The dimensions are roughly 20″ D x 40″ W x 40″ H without the kettles. It’s about 56″ H with the 10 gallon boilermaker kettle on top, which is perfect for still being able to look into.

  3. Derek

    who makes the cover that you used? Most of the dimensions for the covers I found are wide horizontaly, not in the height.

  4. eric

    how do you cool your wort? i have a coil that i insert. in this model is there enough room to get this in and out?

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