Jul 04

Busy Brewing Not Blogging

There’s been a bit of a delay in getting things posted on my site as I’ve been busy brewing, studying for and taking the BJCP exam, and working. In the next few months you should see a flurry of updates here as I get back into putting information online.

My focus right now is on building myself a brew sculpture. I’m initially thinking that I want a HERMS setup in roughly the form factor of the More Beer 1550 sculptures. Right now I’m experimenting with various techniques and configurations before I start any serious building. I have acquired two 10 gallon Blichmann BoilerMaker kettles for my mash and boil and will likely pick up a third for my hot liquor tank. Do I need those fancy kettles? Heck no but they do make the process nice and I did want to upgrade to something over my current setup of coolers and aluminum pot.

Happy Brewing,

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